Tamalir Oran



Tamalirian Chirr

The name Tamalir Oran means Port Islands in Samelean. The island groups where made as a trading port in the west state. The islands became independent from Samels in 176yac, and but is not officially recognized as a state, therefore it's still listed under Samels. Tamalir Oran is the first state to become an independent territory and it has one of the fastest growing economies.



Tamalir Oran was built when the west state where invaded since that state where filled with minerals, ores, oil and gas. All of these materials where difficult to get on other states. For easy access, Samels created a port on the islands which communicated with all the other states and parted the resources to the needs of the states.


Tamalir Oran went from being a territory under Samels to an independent territory, which were still administrated from Samels until 186yac, where the government of Tamalir Oran where done and ready to use.



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